About Us

Sable Transport and Construction Limited was incorporated in 1980 as a private limited liability company registered under the Laws of Zambia. Corporate headquarters are located in Lusaka, Zambia.

Detailed profiles for the top four lines of business are provided in our corporate profile

  • Sable Construction
  • Commercial Farming and Kafue Sugar
  • Nyakolwe Game Ranch

Other lines of business include tyre retreading, land conservation, real estate development, semi-trailer manufacturing, and reforestation projects. The company currently employs approximately 3,500 employees.

Corporate Management

The company is managed by a Board of three Zambian brothers who serve as Company Directors — Mr. Iqbal Y. Alloo, Mr. Essof Y. Alloo, and Mr. Nazir Y. Alloo. The Directors are all Zambians who are knowledgeable and experienced in all facets of the corporate operations. Each Director is actively involved in daily operations for each line of business.

Mr. Iqbal Alloo, the Managing Director operates from the Lusaka headquarter offices. He provides overall management for all phases of corporate business ventures in Zambia. Mr. Iqbal Alloo is the primary point of contact for government and private sectors and serves as primary liaison with all key government heads. His responsibility includes market analysis with exploration of business strategies, to include initiation of new lines of business. Mr. Iqbal Alloo signs off on corporate tenders, together with other Directors. The headquarter offices include all financial and business operations. Approximately 300 employees work from the headquarter offices.

Mr. Essof Alloo, the General Manager also operates from the Lusaka headquarter offices. Mr. Essof Alloo, the General Manager, heads the Kafue Sugar operations and also operates from the Lusaka headquarter offices. He manages the sugar farms and manufacturing processes. Kafue Sugar spans 9,000 hectares, managed by zonal managers. He provides operational oversight to include daily operations. In addition, Mr. Essof Alloo has responsibility for purchasing operations, vendor payments, and all administrative corporate operations. Kafue Sugar employs approximately 2,400 employees.

Mr. Nazir Alloo, the Operations Manager is in charge of the Eastern Province operations. He oversees all road and farming projects, At the Sinda farms, he manages commercial farming ventures to include maize, soya beans, and wheat production. Mr. Nazir Alloo oversees the road operations in Eastern Province to include the Chipata Township, Chipata-Mfuwe, and Chipata-Lundazi roads. Approximately 800 employees work in Eastern Province. He also manages the Nyakolwe Game Ranch located in Eastern Province.

Long Term Business Strategy

Sable is deeply invested in Zambia and is always pursuing business ventures that support development in Zambia and achieve corporate profitability. While we initially started out in the transportation industry, the market potential in this area has diminished over the years as more transportation firms have entered the market.

We gradually expanded to agricultural farming in the years 1990-2000 when we established Kafue Sugar and purchased large commercial farms. Kafue Sugar is an attractive investment as the demand for sugar and sugar products is tremendous and constant. With growth over the years, we anticipate exporting to the region, as well as international markets. We also anticipate growth in commercial farming with improved irrigation methods for maize, soya beans, and wheat, all of which are also in high demand.

We launched Sable Road Construction after exploring the market potential and have invested hugely in this sector as well. We were the first Zambian owned and operated road construction company. We have invested in capital equipment and have readily available labor resources all of whom are experienced professionals. We have several road construction contracts that are underway and anticipate expanding this business as new road construction contracts are awarded. We are currently exploring establishing power plants as well as cement manufacturing, as we own land in several areas of the country that could support these operations. For example, near Mwembeshi Farms which we own, there are huge deposits of limestone that could support cement production. Cement is in high demand in the country, and locally available natural resources make this industry extremely attractive. A Business Plan for cement manufacturing is under current development.


P.O. Box 219X,
Lusaka, Zambia

Sable is committed to expansion and is actively pursuing ventures that are of mutual benefit to the corporation and the Zambian government and nation. We have capital equipment and resources that include land and labor, and we are dedicated and committed to successful completion of all projects we undertake.