Sable Transport

Sable Transport provides a wide range of solutions for your transportation needs. We have been in business for over 40 years and have extensive knowledge and experience with all aspects of the transportation industry in Zambia. Sable Transport owns a large fleet of well-maintained heavy duty trucks capable of handling high volume regional transportation needs, as well as small scale domestic transportation needs. We routinely transport cargo for a variety of government and private sector clients to and from ports such as Dar-es-Salaam, Walvis Bay, Beira, and Cape Town.

The cargo we transport includes copper, fertilizer, maize, rice, sugar, petrol, and other general merchandise. Since 1985, we have serviced the copper mines in Zambia, transporting copper to the ports of Durban, Beira and Dar- es-Salaam and returned cargos to maximize return on investments. Client satisfaction is our primary goal; we have established trust with our government and private sector clients as Sable delivers what it promises.

Strategic Transportation Alliances

Sable has active and long standing strategic alliance partnerships with reputable organizations and clearing agents to expedite cargo clearance from various ports, and handle all aspects of the import and export markets needs. Representatives for booking cargo are available at our satellite offices in Dar es Salaam, Beira, Johannesburg, Kapiri Mposhi, Kasumbalesa for the Democratic Republic of Congo border post, and Chanida for the Mozambique border post. It is important to have this assurance in order to meet customer needs and agreed timelines for cargo delivery.

Cargo Handling and Fleet Maintenance

Our workshop facilities are located in Lusaka, Ndola, and Sinda. They are well equipped with staff and resources to handle all transportation needs -- from drivers to mechanics, to administrative staff. Orders and fleet maintenance are handled through the Lusaka office. Our workshops are well equipped to service our fleet as we have in-house forklifts, mobile workshop vehicles for breakdowns, heavy duty tow trucks, and low bed trailers for unanticipated breakdowns or accident recoveries. In addition we provide all our drivers with cell phones to facilitate constant, and expedite road communications.

Semi-Trailer Manufacturing

In 2013, Sable began manufacturing 30 tonne trailers that are sold to the general public.


P.O. Box 219X,
Lusaka, Zambia