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Sable Safaris operates Nyakolwe Game Ranch in Zambia's South Luangwa area. We provide a unique and exceptional experience in game viewing at our ranch with open air viewing in a natural, serene, and beautiful habitat and setting.

Zambia offers tourists interested in viewing wildlife a wide range of animals. A link to the range of animals can be found at You will see lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, buffalos, hippos, zebras, wildebeest, antelopes, deer, water bucks, hyenas, primates, reptiles, wild dogs, and warthogs. Nyakolwe also provides excellent bird watching as the country has over 400 bird species which includes 39 birds of prey and 47 migrant species. Additional resources on South Luangwa are available at

Safaris and Walking Tours

Unlike other safari camps in Zambia, we offer a unique game viewing experience in well maintained open air vehicles. We do not overbook our camps so that you can have a serene and relaxing trip with undivided attention from our staff. We provide day and evening safaris as well as walking tours. We are well equipped to guide you to areas where you can view game in natural habitats. Our experienced and trained game wardens will escort you at every step of the trip to ensure your safety.

Commitment to Conservation

Sable Safaris takes game and land preservation very seriously because without conservation, there would not be a game ranch and there would not be land that is unspoiled with natural habitat. Therefore it is in our best interests to protect our wildlife. As we note below, we have memberships in organizations that promote conservation in Zambia. As noted on our website, we develop projects on land conservation in Rufunsa District and are one of the pioneering locally owned companies dedicated to foster land and environmental conservation. For details on this project, see our webpage at

Lodging and Dining

Nyakolwe Camp has excellent lodging facilities with modern amenities in a rural setting. We have clean rooms with beds and mosquito nets, hot shower facilities, and clean dining facilities. Our chefs will prepare three delicious meals a day and make sure that all your needs are fully met, including any special dietary requests. We will prepare meals to order as requested. Our motto is to focus on simplicity and provide all amenities at a reasonable cost as we know that you chose Nyakolwe camp to enjoy the game experience at a reasonable cost.

Transportation Options to Nyakolwe Camp

  • Our camp is accessible to international visitors from arrival at Lusaka International Airport. We pick up our clients from the airport and drive you on a five hour journey to Sinda our base. From Sinda, you will be driven to the camp which is approximately 2 hours from Sinda. This route allows you to dive through a scenic area of Zambia as you will encounter Zambia's rural areas along the route.
  • If you prefer a quicker journey, you will need to take a flight from Lusaka International Airport to Mfuwe airport which is approximately a one hour trip. We will pick you up from Mfuwe and take you to Nyakolwe lodge via SUV where you will check in and prepare for your exciting safari or hunt.
  • You also have the option of flying to Chipata from Lusaka or we can pick you up from Lusaka and drive you to Sinda for departure to the camp via car.
  • Additional information on getting to Zambia can be found at Tour operators are also listed at the website for coordinating your flights to Zambia.

Nyakolwe Game Ranch Memberships:

We have membership in organizations that promote and protect wildlife conservation in Zambia such as the Zambia Wildlife Conservation Society, Professional Hunters Association of Zambia, the Safari Hunters Association of Zambia, and Wildlife Producers Association of Zambia.

Zambia has an impressive collection of wildlife in natural habitat. The Wildlife Conservation Society notes that Zambia has Africa's largest hippo population in the Luangwa River; the Thornicroft's giraffe, which occurs only in Zambia, and only in the Luangwa Valley, antelope and wildebeest roaming across the Liuwa Plains and two endemic species of lechwe found in Kafue Flats and Bangweulu Swamps, and some of Africa's largest populations of lions, leopards, and wild dogs.

See also information on the Luangwa Valley at

The Zambia Tourism Board works with the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourism in Zambia. Potential visitors can access the web site at

A link to tourism policies in Zambia is available at


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